Why do I LOVE Nail Art?

I started having an interest in nails and the way they can help you express yourself in 2017-2018. I just started to get my nails done, so I would get short acrylic sets with gel paint. I loved the way it made my hands feel - more feminine, elongated, and instantly dressed up every look. I enjoyed getting chrome and nude manis the most! But one day, the nail tech removed my lifted mani with a nail tip. No soaking off, this removal was very painful, but being relatively new to getting services done and being quite shy at the time, I just let her proceed with the service. I was in pain for days. That was the last service I received from another tech. 

I was curious and also frustrated, so I began researching what was the PROPER removal technique. I found magazine articles online, and when it came down to removing my last set, I did it on my own, at home. I didn't just find magazine articles about nails though -- I opened a whole new world for myself! I was obsessed with Nail Vloggers demonstrating their techniques and learning the terminology in all my spare time. Nail design videos, resources, and brands to make my manicure at home were all I could think about. 

I would always see my older sister wear her acrylics (faithful to her fill-ins every 2-3 weeks for over 15 years!) and didn’t understand it until I fell in love with nails myself. Now I know what she means when she said she felt naked without her sets done! xD

I am a nail enthusiast who brings years of experience in front of the camera as a plus size model, creating glamourous looks for my own shoots/content creation, and years of honing my eye as an artist, to the creation of each set. 

I love colorful showstopping pieces as much as I love simple sophisticated designs. To me, it is all about the quality. I want my customers to be bold, unique, and to show off their style with nails made just for them! 

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