How Our Custom Press On Nail Sets are made: 

-- Choose your Nail Length/Shape, Choose the Nail Art Level, and send me the details you want done on your new mani! 



CHIC, GLAM, and ART nail levels are price tiers that refer to the styles of nails I create, and the time it takes to create them. 

CHIC Designs are simple and sophisticated nailsets. Solid bright colors, Gentle Ombres, Matte Monochromes, and cute Chrome sets are available in CHIC Designs.

GLAM Designs are bold and bright, adorned with glitter and gems. Choose a GLAM set for bling, kawaii charms, pretty patterns, glitter, shiny layered effects like chrome and foil. 

ART Designs are unique sets where every nail is intricately hand-painted. If you're dreaming of wearing your favorite cartoon characters, a company logo, or want your nails to include a lot of detail, get an ART set!



Short Coffin and Short Oval, Medium Coffin, Long Coffin, and Long Stiletto shapes are also available. 

(Note: Our Short Oval nails seems to fit the widest nail beds, while our Long Stiletto seems to be the narrowest fitting tips.)



Choosing a CUSTOM set will get you 10 nails in your size. 

This order starts with me sending you the included sizing kit based on your chosen Nail Length and Style. Once you send me your mani idea and the measurements, I'll start work on your nail design!

(You must be comfortable with sizing your nails at home. Finished sets may be delayed by shipping times + when you send your measurement.)


Choosing a 24 Piece Set will get you 20 nails, 2 of each size 0-9, with 2 extra of size 4 + 5 (the most common sizes). No need to measure, just mix and match the perfect fit when you receive your order. 

This order starts with your nail idea, and I get to work right away on a 24 nail set. Each is individually painted with love and your unique theme in mind!


24 nails are included in sizes 0-9 in our Ready to Wear sets. This is to ensure a great fit! When you recieve your instant mani -- just mix and match the nails to find your closest nail sizes.

The prep kit that comes with every order includes a wooden cuticle stick, alcohol wipe, buffer, nail file, adhesive stickers, nail glue, and application info/suggestions. 


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